Sunday, April 12, 2009

The First O.o

I guess I don't feel *so* horrible for spending time online when I have a test in cell biology tomorrow since I am at work. I have the wonderful luxury of having a part time job that half the time requires no work whatsoever.

So - Sunday night, tired, test tomorrow - of course I have to spend gratuitous amounts of times procrastinating. I could lie to myself and say writing is soothing to the soul or calming and will help me concentrate later tonight, but I'll be truthful to myself.

So here's something I find interesting - This morning I went to breakfast around 10 or so at the dining commons and ran into some friends/acquaintances that I had not talked to for a while (a heterosexual couple). We were discussing classes and research plans, as we nerds often do, and I was discussing my summer plan of getting a job at a non-profit in my boyfriend's city. Peter then said something to the effect of "wait, you're not a lesbian?" ....ummmm no? I actually found this to be quite humorous and laughed with my best attempt at one eyebrow raised. "It's not that you're peculiar that I thought that - there was a reason." now I'm "peculiar", too? Gee, thanks? And...lesbians are now "peculiar"? That's...not politically correct to say the least. It's also funny that this was a guy I had a crush on at the beginning of last year and flirted with.

So - what makes someone "seem" gay? I don't look "butch," I have longish hair and wear "normal" clothes - usually jeans and a fitted t-shirt (normal for a college campus). I have never dated a woman, or for that matter "experimented" before.

It's times like this where I wish I'd taken more psychology classes, 'cause this shit is interesting to me.

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